Globalization - Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild (AudioSanity® Records)

Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild
(AudioSanity® Records)

release date:  30th June 2009.
Globalization - Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild (AudioSanity® Records)Tracklisting
  1. Desert H2o (Original Mix)
  2. Omega=1 (Original Mix)
  3. Aureus (Original Mix)
  4. City Of Slaves Dot Com (Original Mix)
  5. Connect To Come Back (Original Mix)
  6. Héro de Silencio (Original Mix)
  7. Sinus, Saw And Pulse (Original Mix)
  8. Two Lives One Way (Original Mix)
  9. Desert H2o (Andy Finn Remix)
10. City Of Slaves Dot Com (Andy Finn Remix)
The duo Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild jumped up to the stage out of no where and deliver high quality and inspired sound from the beginning to the end. Their debut album "Globalization" will be released on, June 31th 2009.
Music has to make fun! That is the direction those 2 guys are following. Under this motto they have created their own individual style of Trance music. The Result is a combination of 10 different tracks which leads through the complete depth of electronic music. The Thoughts behind their tracks come to live with foot stomping beats and techy arrangements which gives an complete different, individual and atmospheric flow. After their second single "Desert H2o" reached good placements in the international Trance and Techno scene followed by very good critics by big DJ names and producers its clear to keep an eye at this 2 guys from Germany.
If generations crush together you got a culture shock like Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild.
“Summer, sun, hot chicks and an underground trance LAKE party!” Nicks typical dirty birthday bang. With a booking request in the left and a box of decks in the right hand Finn takes place in a little boat on the way to the stage in the middle of the lake to start his set. Distracted by a conversation with 2 smart girls (“REALLY HOT CHICKS!!!”) Nick not noticed the boat which docked to the stage. In the moment Finn exited the boat the chicks barged him and fell backward into the lake grabbing after Nick and Finn for help. In the next moment Finn & Nick see themselves completely wet and laughing with 2 chicks in the lake. After climbing out of the water the two starring at each other with a big smile on their faces they crawl up to the stage and starting to celebrate together.
A stunning ping pong set and 3 drinks later those two found themselves discussion about trance music, producing techniques and the way which drawn them to this music style. Finn found out the trance party which bound him to the music at the age of 12 was Nicks first big birthday bang. “WHAT IRONY!”
That was the landmark for this team to form up together to produce and learn from each other.
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