Way Out West - We Love Machine (Armada release)

Way Out West - We Love Machine

Way Out West - We Love Machine (Armada release) 
16 years of partnership and love for music. Electronic music, born and raised by machines. Way Out West, the legendary concord of Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren, is back. After 2 years of solo-touring, the guys behind 'The Gift', 'Don't Forget Me', 'The Fall' and 'Killa' hit in with a new album.
After three albums and many hits, the UK duo of Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff have returned for the next round of future hits with 'We Love Machine'. The fourth album is another open-minded, open-hearted and diversifying album, with tracks passing by the full spectrum of dance and non-dance music. With shimmery breaks and lush arrangements, downtempo cinematic masterpieces, full effect dancefloor killers and sublime appetizers, 'We Love Machine' is the perfect celebration of sound for gold-wired audiophiles. 'Only Love' is the first single of the album, already receiving lots of love from the DJ elite.
After 'Way Out West' (1997), 'Intensify' (2001) and 'Don't Look Now' (2004), the year get some stars falling with a fresh Way Out West album. 'We Love machine' is their ode to classic analogy synths and the beautiful music that's made with them.
01 - We Love Machine
02 - One Bright Night
03 - Only Love
04 - Body Motion
05 - Pleasure Control
06 - Future Perfect
07 - Survival
08 - Ultraviolet
09 - Tales Of The Rabid Monk
10 - Surrender
11 - The Doors Are Where The
         Windows Should Be
12 - Tierra Del Fuego
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